Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ben Aipa

World famous picture of James "Needles" Gilman holding a Paipo board and a picture of his Great grandson Ben Aipa holding a 1971 custom 5'2" swallow tail that he shaped for his son.

Ben Aipa, Hawaii
By Tom Takao
Long before walking into Ben Aipa's new showroom and shaping room. We could have found a young Ben in a swimming pool at a private club before daybreak, learning to swim on his own. Because it was a private pool that was the reason Ben was there so early. You had to be a member to use it. So day after day Ben was there learning to swim. One day a gentleman caught Ben swimming there and asked how long have you been swimming here, Ben’s reply was I will pay for swimming here. The kind man looked at Ben and said we will work something out. Years later Ben would meet the man again at Inter Island Surfboards. With the utmost respect for the man, Ben never forgot John Kelly Jr. the man who understood a young kid’s desire to learn how to swim and his love for the ocean. Ben has kept that inspiration and it is reflected in his views on surfing, and coaching kids. With that in mind I find Ben talking to Bret Kaneshiro about board design. Hey Ben howzit and Ben looks over and says Oh howzit with a smile. It been awhile says Ben. Yeah about a year or so since Chun's I said.
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Anonymous said...

feasting on the aipa bfast lunch & dinner!

Gaz said...

Thanks for the history on the photo.... had no idea that Ben Aipa was related.