Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Governor Moonbeam

This is Jerry's portrait in the State Capital in Sacramento


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That's a wonderful painting. Alice Neel like. Perhaps done by that wonderful artist.

On this day in 1970 in Los Angeles a thirteen-year old child was discovered to have been kept locked in a room for the entirety of her life, mostly tied sitting on a potty chair.

She never escaped the consequences of the brutal treatment, and particularly the social isolation of those first thirteen years.

Beyond the immediate sadness of her situation, I find I need to pause.

Those who think we are autonomous creatures would do well to read her tragic story.

While much of the world has been shadowed by the spiritual errors associated with various socialisms, a devotion to the collective too often leading to the crushing the individual, our American shadow has been an exultation of the individual to the point of demolishing our social structures and even denying our mutual responsibility to and for each other.

For us this usually takes the shape of various forms of capitalist philosophy, its most extreme and crude form found in right libertarianism. I think particularly of Ayn Rand.

And its pervasive influence in our culture.

Which, I believe, leads us all to that feral isolation,

to a spiritual crippling,

to that sadness

that knows no healing...

Beetlejuice said...

Great insight,thanks for posting!